An inevitable post

So the dust has settled down now after the riots in my beloved London.  Aside from the uncomfortable feeling of solidarity with the Met Police,  I felt a lot of anger. A lot. Anger at the fuckwits stealing, never mind they already owned brand new mobile phones and £80 trainers. Anger at the psuedo-sociologists claiming the youth were “disenfranchised”, never mind the inherent insult to all the poor bastards just trying to make it through the week without stealing or smashing up their local shops. Anger at the fact that this anti-social crime got so much attention, never mind the fact that some decent, good, hardworking working people have to put up with this shit every day. Rather than just go on a long rant about it (and believe me, I could write for hours about this), I just thought I’d leave you with the following thoughts:

“You bring about disorder. And disorder is the best servant of the established power” – Sartre

“You fuck about with guns, and someone will get hurt” – me



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