Thank you

I wrote this, not about, but for a friend. I hope you like it too.

Thank You

It all happened in an instant. I stood by the window, looking down, my mind a broiling, thundering rage of despair. I felt the tears building, my eyelids a levee surely close to breaking. I saw an angry wind shake the trees, and the tears of the sun.

Then I saw you. Time itself ground to a halt and the incessant white noise, the crash of the world was muted, dampened, dissipated.

For just the merest second, you looked up at me and our eyes met.

That second is my treasure. For in that second, I lived a thousand lifetimes. A thousand times we lived and loved together. A thousand different tales, all of them a symphony of love.

A thousand kisses, a thousand tender looks, a thousand gentle whispers. The sun smiled and the wind caressed your hair. My breath fell short, my heart shattered with hope. I became beautiful in your presence. Unfettered joy married us, and the world was our orchestra, playing music so fierce, so fierce that only our love could tame it.

We grew old together, our hands always clasped. We fell and caught each other. We shook with trembling desire. We basked in the glorious sun of our days. We swam in the deepest ocean of our passion.

We lived a thousand lives together you and I. We lived, we grew, we delighted in each other, we died together.

I looked again, and you were gone. But locked away in my heart is a treasure that you gave me, for in that second you gave me a joy that will never die.

Thank you.



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