Monthly Archives: April 2011

Your end is close at hand

So then, the line has been drawn. Despite the chances offered to you. Despite the option of peace you chose this way. You could have well left all alone, and lived in peace. But you chose your path. Very well then, the die is cast. The end starts now, and you will regret it when it comes.  I will trade your arrogance for my vengeance, and I promise you this – I will wreak havoc upon your earth like nothing you have imagined in your darkest hour. I am Nemesis. I am Vishnu, destroyer and death made real. I am dark retribution. My fury shall shake the walls of your temple, and the earth will be scorched with my reckoning.

You in your gilded palace, you secure in your own estimation of self-worth, you in your delusion of your own power. You will find that hubris comes at such a price that the very Angels themselves will quiver and fear at the sound of my approach.

You have brought this to your own mantle. You are the creator of your own downfall. I wonder, now in this eerie calm before the rage, if you will ever know that it was your hand that brought your own destruction. Will you realise what you have done? You may well repent, but I warn you it is too late for repentance. Your time for that has passed. Know that in your arrogance and haste for my destruction and humiliation you have summoned the furious Gods in all their magnificent anger. You have summoned them and now you shall fully understand the meaning of righteous vengeance.

I warned you before. I warned you that your path would lead to your own destruction. But, drunk and deluded by the power you thought you wield, you sought my destruction. Again I offered you the chance of peace, but you thought yourself above such concerns.  I warned you that your time was close at hand, and that you would speed the messenger of ruin to your own door if you chose the path you are now on. Your time was close at hand, but that was then. Your time is now, prepare well for your reckoning.